Our mission

Chartered Consulting is dedicated to assisting Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Singapore in navigating the intricate business landscape, ensuring enduring growth.

About Chartered Consulting

We provide SMEs with tailored strategies, industry insights, and innovation to drive tangible and sustained success.

Our story

Recognising that SMEs often lack the management expertise and the resources available to large corporations, Chartered Consulting was established. Our core mission is to alleviate challenges faced by SME business owners in managing and navigating their businesses. As industry experts with domain knowledge encompassing strategy, finance and operations, we aim to provide SME business owners with an all-encompassing and comprehensive strategy to grow their business.

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Providing management consultancy services to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

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Consisting mainly of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises based in Singapore.

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Consultancy Engagements

We have a team of professionals skilled in various domains and industries to serve your business requirements.

Who are we

SME Specialists

We are specialist in tailoring solutions for SMEs, ensuring strategies fit their unique needs and growth goals.

Industry Practitioners

We are industry practitioners, offering insights rooted in sectors' intricacies, driving practical business transformation.


As strategists, we engage business owners to provide innovative and adaptable strategies for current and future success and growth.


We leverage our extensive network to provide valuable business connections to our clients, capitalising synergies and opportunities.

Our R.A.D.A.R approach



Review the existing state of the business



Analyse the market factors affecting viability of the business



Develop the key growth drivers for the business.



Action planning the key initiatives needed for growth



Realise the plans through internal alignment and resource allocation

Chartered Consulting's advantage

The wealth of experience that Chartered Consulting has garnered in working with small and medium-sized enterprises stands as a pivotal factor in enhancing our competitive strengths when it comes to delivering services to SMEs.

SME Focus

Provide solutions that are specific to the unique needs, challenges and goals.

Capability Building

Strategic and adaptable to the changing needs and priorities.

Results Oriented

Offer clients an unbiased perspective on their business operations.

Domain Expertise

Partnership with firms and individuals for broader range of resources and expertise.